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Language specific Workshop

Up to 120 children in a hall - more by negotiation.

Where possible, with prior notice, the workshop can focus mainly on the language taught within the school.

(French, German or Italian are within the available repertoire).

Aims of workshop:

  • Pupils listen to a professional opera singer perform a range of arias predominantly in the language of choice, French/German/Italian. 

  • Potential for pre workshop translation preparation in class with provided material on request.

  • Pupils learn about the way an opera singer has to translate to understand the text in order to be able to sing with expression.

  • Using visual aids, pupils and Demelza translate some key phrases and discuss the importance of certain words in terms of expression with Demelza demonstrating phrases vocally for the children to hear the difference when selecting words to emphasise.

  • Demelza teaches the pupils a short excerpt which they can then sing along with her within an aria/song

  • Pupils learn about the use of vocal chords and diaphragm and core muscles to understand how the voice can be manipulated.

  • Pupils explore the importance of story telling and emotional expression.

  • Pupils have the opportunity to join in by either beating rhythms or singing short sections.

  • Pupils have the opportunity to ask questions.

Structure of the 1 hour workshop:

  • Demelza introduces herself and the behaviour expectations;

  • Performs arias with description of character and background of story (age appropriate).

  • There will be opportunities for pupils and staff to ask questions all of the way through and at the end of the workshop.

  • As well as answering the given questions, Demelza will use them to explain how her voice works and how she learns songs in a language she cannot speak. 

  • Translation exploration and word colouring exercise.

  • Demelza teaches the pupils a short phrase or section that they can they can then sing along with her.

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